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Staffing Agency Migrates to Cloud Infrastructure for Continued Growth

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With new cloud infrastructure, Paramount Staffing is primed for growth – at a much lower monthly cost.

Paramount Staffing needed to establish... (Submit the form to read more)


Paramount Staffing

The Challenge

Mobilizing to deliver on a new owner’s growth expectations

Paramount Staffing was acquired by a French company... (Submit the form to read more)


Cloud Migration

The Solution

Cloud environment assessment and migration

To define and orchestrate the migration, Paramount worked with the Ascend Technologies team... (Submit the form to read more)

Changes for Continued Growth


The Impact

Lower costs with greater growth potential

The migration took... (Submit the form to read more)     

“The Ascend team helped us navigate the technical transition following our acquisition. They didn’t just review our environment; they understood our business objectives. Our migration is changing how we operate, and we’re eager to leverage Ascend’s expertise and we continue to grow.”

— Tina Schubert, Paramount Staffing

The Bottom Line


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