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Infogressive Achieves World's

First Cybersecurity Talent Cloning



LINCOLN, NE (October 14, 2019) – Cybersecurity firm Infogressive announced today that they have discovered a method of cloning their existing cybersecurity engineers. This move comes as a need arose to fill their SOC (Security Operations Center) with passionate, qualified security experts. With the severe cybersecurity workforce shortage, there's reportedly a zero-percent unemployment rate. They've taken DNA from their Vice President of Engineering, Robert Frickel, and replicated a perfect adult clone, naming him Jeff Frickel.

Justin Kallhoff, CEO of Infogressive, said, “We kept hearing about the global cybersecurity talent shortage.  While we already help with the talent shortage by providing our Managed Security Services, we wanted to do more, so we started experimenting with cloning our existing engineers.  I'm happy to announce that after 13 years, we have finally figured it out!



With Infogressive celebrating their 13th year in business just two days ago, they are excited about the future of what this revelation could mean in terms of defending and protecting organizations all over the world.  


Just kidding, we hired a twin! Please help us in welcoming Jeff to the team as our newest Information Security Analyst. Congratulate him on LinkedIn.