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Employees working from home?Stay protected with Malware Prevention Home.

The coronavirus outbreak has caused a surge in organizations examining the risks involved when sending their employees to work from home.

We're providing the same Infogressive Malware Prevention solution, now available at a low cost for use on your employees' personal computers.


Same Proven Technology  /  No Minimum Contract Length  Easy Installation

  $2 Per Device, Per Month  No Setup Fees


one third white

of computers are already infected with malware 

750 mil white

malware attacks occurred on personal computers in 2018 


of home users rely on free desktop security


Interested in setting up Malware Prevention Home for your employees' personal computers?

Reach out to us and we'll get started.


We've heard our customers' concerns. Many organizations don't have a laptop to send home with every employee, and the corporate VPN is simply not enough protection from threats — especially when about 1/3 of home computers are said to already be infected with malware.

With Malware Prevention Home, temporary personal computer protection for your employees is within reach.