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Incident Response Case Study: Healthcare Industry

You may have an idea of what an Incident Response (IR) service is, but what does it look like in action? In this case study, read about the impact of IR services for one of our MSP Partner's clients: a medical clinic providing life-saving surgeries.


When an organization of that nature gets hit with ransomware not once, but two times, it becomes clear to everyone involved that it's time to start taking cybersecurity seriously. Enter Infogressive.


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Incident Response Case Study: Healthcare Industry


Wondering what's inside? Here's a brief overview of the case.

Names and identifying details have been removed for the security of the client.

The Incident

The client was hit with their second ransomware attack in 3 years.


The Client

A Managed Service Provider's (MSP) client: a large neurosurgery practice in the U.S.

The Environment

The clinic with 150 endpoints had basic security in place, but some unidentified vulnerabilities left the organization susceptible to a cyber attack. 

The Outcome

The ransomware was contained and removed from the environment, and key security gaps were identified. Learn more about how the IR progressed, how the malware got in, and some helpful security advice by reading more.