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How serious is a cyber incident?

Cybersecurity questions are prominent among businesses of all sizes, but incident-related concerns rank highest of them all. What counts as an incident? And if an incident happens, what comes next?
The Comprehensive Guide to Incident Response will cover everything you need to know about cyber incidents, their consequences, and the Incident Response (IR) process.




Do you have questions about cyber incident response?

We have answers. Here's a small sample of what you'll learn:

What is an MSSP?

What counts as an incident?

The media sometimes uses "incident" and "breach" interchangeably. We break down the differences for you.


How serious is a cyber incident?

Check out our cyber incident severity scale to determine where different types of attack activities rank. Find out how incident severity equates to business impact. 

Forensic Network

What is Incident Response?

Of all the cybersecurity services available out there, IR is the one you don't want to need. This guide explains what it entails if you ever do. 


Can incidents be avoided?

Review expert tips to prevent and quickly detect incidents in your organization's network.