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Heather Lantz Promoted to Chief Operating Officer

LINCOLN, NE  –  Infogressive has been recognized as one of the fastest-growing companies in the U.S. Today, their growth was bolstered by the announcement of Heather Lantz of Chief Operating Officer. Heather will design and implement business strategies, plans and procedures.

A proven and successful leader, Heather has already made an impact at Infogressive as Director of Sales. She began her cybersecurity career in April of 2016. Heather brings a vast amount of knowledge including brand development, strategic planning and integration.

“The definition of integrator is "a person or thing that integrates" and at Infogressive that is exactly what this role is and that I am committed to. The Integrator role oversees Infogressive's ongoing operations, procedures and is responsible for the efficiency of the business. The key is to harmoniously integrate the major functions of the business which include Operations, Sales, Marketing and Engineering Departments.” – Heather Lantz

Justin Kallhoff, Infogressive founder and CEO had this to say “Heather has been instrumental in maturing our organization. Her focus on our execution as our COO allows us to continue to grow at a rapid pace without sacrificing our proven customer service excellence.

About Infogressive:

At Infogressive, we live and breathe cybersecurity. Our defense in depth approach gives a 360-degree platform that makes it easy to worry less about the security of data and focus more on your business. We have a dynamic team of experts with many years in the information security industry. Our mission is to eliminate the risk in your network and implement best practices that keep your company safe and protected.

Learn more at: www.infogressive.com