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Small Business Firepower:

A Case For Outsourced EDR

IT leaders play an important role in influencing and advising technology adoption in their organization - including the "growth stack" or set of tools designed to work together to achieve a strong security posture. With attacks becoming more advanced, bypassing the first lines of security protection, you need a security platform that pro-actively detects and stops threats before damage can be done.  




Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR)

Visibility Means the End of Uncertainty

Detect the Unknown

Detect the Unknown

Discover known & unknown elements of an attack


Prevention Fails

Even the best security can't provide 100% prevention

Know What Happened

Know What Happened

Comprehensive attack timeline helps reduce investigation time after an incident


Security Experts

You get our team of cybersecurity experts behind the scenes, so you’re never alone through detection or remediation