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What is cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity questions are prominent among businesses of all sizes, and in the current threat landscape, organizations of all sizes are expected to get cybersecurity right—or face the consequences of not being protected. But without industry-specific expertise, how can you get a solid understanding of what cybersecurity really is and what it involves?

Look no further. The Non-Technical Guide to Cybersecurity for Your Organization will cover cybersecurity concepts at a basic level and explain how to apply them to your organization’s security needs.


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Do you have questions about cybersecurity?

We have answers. Here's a small sample of what you'll learn:

What is an MSSP?

What is cybersecurity?

We share our basic definition, as well as the connotations of cybersecurity and cyberattacks common in news and business language.



What are some common cyber threats?

Cyberattacks are complex and come in many varieties, so we break down the top 7 threats you should be aware of.



What kind of protections are needed?

Knowing you’re adequately protected comes down to one question: Have you covered all the bases? We call these the “Cybersecurity Basics” and break them down into four core components



Top 6 Tips for Organizations

Once you understand the cybersecurity basics, we summarize what we've covered into 6 main takeaways that you can apply to yourself and your organization